Sunday, November 3, 2013

Last one via this site!!

Editor's note:  
amazingly, the post below from May, 2012 was still sitting in my "draft" folder today, November 3, 2013.  I decided to post it anyway, as a bit of history and to let you know we are alive and well - just not aboard in Mexico at the moment. Including videos and photos has been a constant source of extreme pain for me from the start of this blog, so I will be consulting with our very experienced blogging friend, Steve Yoder, about moving to WordPress, his chosen application.  Words alone are not that entertaining and I don't think the video below is actually going to appear - sorry to disappoint today, but watch for future posts where I hope there WILL be videos and photos to make our shared travels more interesting for you, our faithful readers. k
We know you will all be simply amazed after a three-month hiatus from our blog to realize we are "underway" once again!  We left the beautiful Bahia de La Paz (Bay of La Paz) this morning at 11 am, intending to drop anchor tonight on the NW corner of the first island north out of the bay - Isla Espiritu Santo.  Our ultimate destination, after cruising northward along the east coast of the Baja peninsula as far up as Santa Rosalia, will be a crossing to the Mexican mainland to the port of San Carlos, where most sailors choose to leave their boats for the hurricane season if they are heading elsewhere.  

The boatyard there will haul our beloved "Chamisa" out of the water and up onto stands for the summer while we fly up to Kristen and Brian's in Alameda to play "super grandparents" for several months.  It was a huge surprise from them to plan their baby Wyatt's birth (due in June) to coincide with our need to escape the heat of a Mexican summer our first time around...wonderful kids, don't you agree?

While sitting at anchor in La Paz, we dealt with several bits of administrivia back in the States via the internet (thank God for that!):  changing health insurance and prescriptions after running out of Cal Cobra coverage, consolidating multiple investment accounts under the capable management of my cousin-in-law, a broker with RBC; and, finally, changing our address with many sources of "hard mail" to SBI (St. Brendan's Isle, a fabulous mail service which provides so well for travelers). I have a surprise for you faithful reader!  Today I made some extremely amateur but hopefully entertaining videos of our departure.  If these are too wobbly for your vision, just listen to the terribly brilliant, informative and professional narratives by yours truly...ok?  I promise to work out better techniques - such as knowing what to say in advance, keeping my fingers away from the lens, and any other improvements you may wish to suggest;  of course, please be gentle! 

I have no idea how often we'll be able to access the internet, so this may be it until we are in California in July.